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Permanent Makeup

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Permanent Makeup is a method of correcting defects and irregularities that are not just physical beautification, but as the clients themselves claim creates internal changes, restoring self-esteem and vitality as well. The technique itself can be done manually or with a machine, by introducing the pigment under the surface layer of the skin. This way makeup becomes temporary. The goal is to achieve a beautiful natural effect. There is a wide range of effects of permanent makeup, but from our experience, the face is the most common requirement of clients. We recommend this treatment to anyone with aesthetic disadvantage. In our salon you can get treatments such as eyelash extensions, lip correction, and the most popular one – eyebrow painting.

Japanese eyebrow painting – MICROBLADING
This method is known as a complete natural look of eyebrows with a 3D effect. Painted hairs represent the stimulation of natural hair growth, which makes the eyebrows look completely natural. In this way you can skip, or draw entire brows if you do not have them at all, or even change the shape. The effect is the same-completely natural appearance.
Why choose Microblading?
Microblading is the latest method of eyebrow painting where inputted pigments give a natural color, easily fit with your natural brows and the difference between the natural hair and painted one is barely noticeable. The pigments we use are of high quality and long lasting. With the Japanese method, the hair is drawled thin, there is no color spillage, and the procedure is done with high precision and special
knives (sterile for single use, for each individual client).

What does the procedure look like?
Before the treatment itself, it is required to consult with the client about her desires and expectations. In addition, the client is noted that the appearance of eyebrows after this treatment is 40% darker and 25% thicker than they will be after post-treatment care is completed. The shape of the eyebrow is drawn according to the physiognomy of the person, not according to the wishes of the client and the
guesswork of the expert in the treatment. The goal of the Microblading is to make the eyebrows look as natural as possible after the treatment. The shape is drawed with a special hexagon, while the client chooses the thickness of the eyebrow.
Treatment is performed exclusively in sterile conditions. Duration of the treatment is around one hour and a thirty minutes. During the procedure a local anesthetic is used in liquid form, which makes the treatment painless. After the treatment is completed, adequate home care should be carried out, which depends on the survival of the color in the skin. Post treatment lasts about 7 days. The first correction is done after a month, and every next one is 6-12 months.


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