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Mesotherapy (without needles)

Mesotherapy without needles is currently one of the most popural non-invasive methods, created in the fifties of the last century in France. The main principle of mesotherapy is it’s sucessful use in both
medicine and esthetics. The technology advance brought alternative ways of inputing mesotherapy coctails into the skin, popularly called Mesotherapy without needless. In our salon, we are performing this method with the lates apparatus for mesoporation which allows improt of active nutrients directly into mesoderm by 90%, which is by 10% more than other treatments such as sonophoresis, iontophoresis and similar. Unlike the classic mesotherapy with needles, this
method is painless, without swelling, redness, posible infections and unpleasant feeling.

* Besides the most affective apparatus, we also use one of the best products on our market. All products are sterile, 100% without paraben, collor, smell, alcohol and tenzides, produced by the latest nanotechnology.

Effects are:
o Face lift
o Rejuvenation
o Deep-hydrated and glowing skin
o Reduction of pigmentation
o Younger look achievement
o Reduction of acne, dark circles and loosen skin
o Reduction of strechmarks and celulite
o Efficient in combating hair loss

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