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Manicure and Pedicure


They say beauty lies in small things. From neat eyebrows, discrete blush which highligtsh the cheeks, to beautiful and nourished nails. Looks of the hands can tell a lot about the person: if she is nourished, what is her profesion, her age.. Lond or neat manicured nails, with silky skin attracts more attention than we think, leaving the impression of nourished and cared woman who takes care of herself. With proper and constant care, your nails and hands will always look healthy and enchanting at any time. In our salon you can get all services of treatment manicure from the basis of care, through gel techniques, to spa treatments. Each manicure treatment includes the SPA experience of luxury cosmetics for hand care, the Italian brand Cuccio.



Individual approach to each client is our way of work when it comes to pedicure treatment. In our salon pedicure, professional faces are trained to make your skin on your feet and nails look flawless. Our pedicure treatments:

Aesthetic pedicure

    • Reinforcement (gel modeling)
    • Reinforcement (modeling) with camouflage gels
  • Long-lasting varnishes


Medical pedicure

Medical pedicure involves not only aesthetic foot treatments but also additional troubleshooting such as:

  • treatment of all infections as well as advice for further treatment
  • warts
  • made nails
  • bile
  • bunions
  • advice in the treatment of infections

SPA Pedicure

SPA luxury pedicure begins with deep scaling as the first step in the construction of soft and velvety skin.

Then, a rich-antioxidant formula is applied with vitamins C, E and minerals that refreshes and regenerates foot skin with extract of sea grass and assai oil. All this is rounded up by a light relaxing foot massage, arranged and nail polish. SPA treatment is a system of designed professional products that provide a different treatment approach, providing relaxation and enjoying all the senses.