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What is Dermaroler?

Dermaroler is a unique device made of 540 sterile micro needles which with it’s effect improves the delivery of trans dermal ingredients such as collagen and elastin, which produces up to 100%. Mikropor is a procedure which stimulates the skin in order to crate a new formulation of collagen and initiates regenerative process. By creating microscopic channels, penetration of therapeutic active ingredients such as multi-peptide, vitamin, and other liposomal sera is activated. This stimulates skin renewal, which,
after the first treatment, looks fresher and younger, wrinkles and stretch marks are less visible, and the scars become pliable.

Cases in which Dermaroler is applied:
o Face lifting and neutralizing wrinkles
o Reducing all types of scars and strechmarks
o Pores reduction
o Against hyperpigmentation and pigmentation of the skin
o Reduces enlarged capillaries
o Tonus and skin quality improvements

* It is important to note that the level of hygiene and sterilization in our salon is at the highest level,
because the safety and health of our clients comes first.


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Street: Bulevar Zorana Djindjica 44a

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