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Dermapen (DERMAFIX)

As a reaction to irritation, the skin creates new cells responsible for collagen and elastin, which produces scarring, reduces discoloration and restores tired skin. This treatment is performed under local anesthesia in order to achieve maximum comfort.

One of the technology that showed amazing results is Dermapen, so it’s no wonder that this method is highly placed above all anti aging treatments.
This treatment is performed with a series of small needles with the thickens of 0,2 mm injected into the skin, causing thousands of micro powders under vertical angle and thus inducing active substances. The procedure is performed with specialized medicinal Dermapen apparatus shaped like a pen, which achieves precise and fast needle penetration.

The purposes for which Dermapen is used:
o Face lifting and neutralizing wrinkles
o Reducing all types of scars and strechmarks
o Pores reduction
o Against hyperpigmentation and pigmentation of the skin
o Deep hydratation
o Treatment of oily skin with excessive secretion of sebum, as well as skin with acne
o Tonus and skin quality improvements

Depending on the skin type, damage and age, we are inputing the latest generations of serum based on nanotechnology, with hyaluronic acid, peptides, and extracts of plants of the finest quality.


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