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Chemical face peeling

Chemical face peeling RESTRUCTA

Thanks to its unique combination of peeling agents, RESTRUCTA revitalizes and regenerates the skin like no other peeling. Milk acid (alpha-hydroxyl) regenerates the surface of the skin. Salicylic acid (beta-hydroxyl) penetrates deeply into the skin and takes off all of dead layers, while citric acid removes the
bacteria and impurities. This combined chemical peeling gives you concrete result of irregularity corrections, quality and structure of the skin, as well as the effect of face lifting without needles or any other aggressive procedures. Duration of treatment is 45 minutes. Recommended frequency of the treatment on a monthly basis is 1-4 treatments per month. If you are in any doubt, please feel free to
contact us and use your free examination and consultation.

Chemical face peeling JUVENA

This chemical peeling is applicable for people of age who have photochromic skin aging, especially with diffuse hyperpigmentation of unclean skin prone to acne, blackheads, as well as manure acne in the acute phase. We recommend the peeling as well to people with acne problems, expanded pores, excessive secretion of sebum and hyperpigmentation. Apart from required time for the treatment procedure (short or longer), the results are wonderful and long lasting.

Chemical face peeling Radiance

Radiance is a combined peeling used for epidermal pigmentation treatments. This peeling type inhibits the formation of abnormal melanin pigmentation and stops cohesion, while removing dead layers of keratinocyte. It renews epidermis, improving the tonus and skin texture:

o Azelaic acid prevents melonocytes from forming stains by enlightening the pigmented macula
and helps in normalizing the keratinization of the skin
o Rezorcinol is a keratolytic that fights hyperpigmentation and has a whitening effect
o Phytic acid acts as a powerful agent and has an antioxidant effect.
This chemical peeling can be used for all patients who has hyperpigmentation, dark spots, as well as
other dark skin disorders.

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