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Anticellulite massage
Cupping massage (VENTUZES)
The cause of cellulite is not only the result of obesity. Long-term medical-scientific research hasconfirmed that the appearance of cellulite is associated with hormonal imbalance, physical inactivity, andpoor circulation. In addition, aging, poor nutrition and bad habits are all possible causes of the problem. This combination of conditions causes the degeneration of cologne fibers where, due to their deficiency, group of fat cells, toxins and intercellular fluid, which we feel like small, or larger beads (bumps) under the skin. What are the ventuzes and why is this type of anti-cellulite massage more effective than others?
Ventures are vacuum cups of various shapes and sizes that have been used as an ancient technique 3000 years ago for medical purposes. It is discovered trough time that women who were treated with this type of massage have drastically decreased the level of cellulite in their bodies. The vacuum created by the cups sucks in a part of the skin and thus rolls deeper layers of cellulite. At the same time, it
enhances the supply of tissue with oxygen, which accelerates the exchange of matter and improves circulation. This effect enables the restoration and strengthening of relaxed skin, stimulating lymph drainage, which positively influences the immune system.

This massage, unlike various LPG devices that function in a similar (vacuum) manner, does not have a boomerang effect because it does not comprise cellulite and does not perform temporary cosmetic correction, but acts on deeper tissues by pulling microcirculation to the surface layer, which stimulates
the production of new collagen fibers.
In our salon, we use only natural oils and emulsions that easily penetrate the tissues, without damaging the pores of the skin, but improving its firmness and hydration. Allowed number of treatments: this technique performs 3 times per week, and the number of massages depends on the expert consultation you will receive in our salon.


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