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Briefly about us:

From our long years of working expertise in cosmetology, especially in the anti-age area, our experience says that we cannot stop our aging of our skin, but with professional use of the right beauty products as well as the right apparatus, we can surely slow it down. You can be sure that if you take care of your skin on a daily basis and prevent short-term aging, the signs of long-term aging will be less noticeable on your both skin and body. Welcome to our little world of beauty and care “Blisse”. Meet our team of experts led by a professional cosmetologists Mirjana Pesalj, educator, lecturer and professional consultant at Institute for esthetics and cosmetology “Le Prestige”, as well as in the Academy of esthetics and cosmetics “Beauty” in Belgrade. Besides receiving solutions for your skin problems, you will also get professional advices, which will help you in nourishing your skin and body in the future.

“This profession is an inspiration for me, because established beauty standards are changing their importance and appearance from years behind. The thing that excites me the most is when the deviation from the ideal gets its true spark of beauty and ravishment. Namely, beautiful woman should not have the ideal proportion, but they should be nourished and exceptional in her looks, pleased and self-conscious. She is a unison of inner and external personality, which combines one harmony that holds the beauty in secret. You can see today plenty of cloned women with cheek bones of Sofia Loren or lips of Angelina Jolie, but in the core these are all stolen parts of someone else’s face. No one can inject that energy and charisma through a needle into your skin – you have to make an effort for that. And last but not least, there are no ugly women, but just inconspicuous, non-cared and vulgar.”


In our salon with the support of professional brands of renowned quality such as Sothys, Jansenn, Matis, Aroma World, Cucci, as well as hand-made cosmetics, our treatments transforms care into the felling of luxury and pleasure, and the end result is divine and nourished skin which doesn’t give away your age, but shows self-confidence and satisfaction.

Welcome to our world of care!